Ga Ga for Gabby!

2 Aug

Wow, Gabby Douglas is hard to take your eyes off of!  Not only is she super-awesome at gymnastics, but she is such a gorgeous girl…actually, her whole family (of the ones I saw in the stands) looks like they just stepped out of the pages of a magazine 🙂  I predict that we will see this young lady for years to come, probably selling us some great products or doing other great things.  After she won she said that she has to give the glory to God, “It’s a win-win situation…I give glory up to Him and the blessings fall on me.”  Awwww! 🙂

Gabby just won the Individual Gold, she killed it on the floor exercise!  The Olympics are a time to really appreciate the elite athletes, but also have a great respect that these countries can all come together and compete in a peaceful way.  My family came from Hungary and Germany, Stefan came from Romania and our neighbors came to the US from India…just to name a few people that I think of when I watch the Olympics!  They are like Olympians, they worked hard and gave up almost everything to reach their goals…how many people can say that they have done the same?

Be great and do great! -j



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