a-dor-a-ble parents

4 Aug

If you are watching the Olympics, then you have to have seen these adorable parents!  I know a lot of people are amazed at how animated they look, but I am shocked that more parents, family and friends aren’t more like them.  You should see me when I spot my local weatherman in the supermarket!  I am soooo happy for Aly and everyone who is supporting her while she goes for the gold 🙂  After you watch the video from the link, take a minute to have your own “Stick It!”-moment!

I also have to add in Missy Franklin’s parents, her mother just covered her mouth when Missy won her second gold for an individual swim…. come to think about it, she was probably just keeping her jaw from hitting the floor, because Missy also made it in World Record time!  I saw this story about Missy’s parents getting upgraded seating to watch her, I would expect that would be the norm… I guess not!  If you don’t randomly get good seats I guess they expect you to stand on your seat or throw some elbows! 🙂

Have a great gold-medal-worthy day! -j


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