I love pate’ and I love Detroit…

8 Aug

So it only stands to reason that I would love Giovanni’s lobster pate!  I have so much going on right now trying to figure out wedding invitations…decorations…honeymoon…training a puppy…Olypmic Fever… all while getting my butt kicked at TKD by Grand Master Ryu.  I am too tired to even put an exclamation mark at the end of that sentence…hold on while I take a nap…..

OK, I’m back!!!  I am treating myself to a mini lunch of Giovanni’s lobster pate’ and it is deeelish.  I decided to look them up and found that this uber fancy nibbly treat originally came from Detroit.  I don’t normally pair Detroit with DeLish, but I will now 🙂  I got this tiny tin of goodness at World Market and I suggest you do the same.  It packs such a powerful punch of lobster taste that a little on each cracker-bite will make your day better.  I promise.  They have a full line of other products & pate’s as well, which I also have, but I love lobster the best!

I love the pate’ but also love the colorful graphics, too!!!

Make it a great day ❤ j


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