Watch what happens…

10 Aug

…when you least expect something…that is when greatness happens!  That is how Stefan and I met and that is what was happening last night when he surprised me with something that I had really wanted for a long time 🙂  He took me out to his car, we opened the moonroof and had a little mini picnic there, then he pulled out a white box with a watch in it!!!

Eloise Watch by Coach, prettiest watch evvverrrrrr….

Stefan loves a quality timepiece and I rarely never wear one, but I need one.  When I had seen this in the store I knew I had to have it.  I am so lucky to have someone special that can tune into what I am feeling (I have kinda been bumming out for the past couple days) and tries to make me feel better.  Truth be told, just sitting in the car looking at the stars and hanging out was fun and different – and was enough to make me happy- but he went the extra mile and really shocked me with a super awesome gift ❤

Be great to yourself & the people around you, it will come back to you! ❤ j


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