West Side Market 100th Anniversary!

14 Aug

Okay, in case you didn’t know, the West Side Market is celebrating it’s Centennial this year!

Having lived in Ohio City and Tremont for the better part of two decades, the Market was just a fact of life – yummy food, not so yummy parking!  I even remember trying to avoid the traffic by rollerblading while I shopped!  One day I even met the lead singer of Civ’s dad…ahhh, minor local rock celebrity parents!  I have so many fond memories of the Market, I am sure that you do too… Tickets to this rock-star-celebrity-chef event are $250, will you be going?  Since I am planning my wedding and in cram-get-it-done mode, I don’t know if we can make it.  Here are a list of the rock-star-celebrity-chefs that will be there :

April Bloomfield, New York City
Andrew Carmellini, New York City
Britt-Marie Culey, Cleveland
Karen DeMasco, New York City
Chris Hodgson, Cleveland
Paul Kahan, Chicago
Jeff Michaud, Philadelphia
Jonathon Sawyer, Cleveland
Michael Symon, Cleveland
Marc Vetri, Philadelphia
Eric Williams, Cleveland
Paul Minnillo, Cleveland
Rocco Whalen, Cleveland
Andrew Zimmern, New York

Thank God valet parking is included…otherwise you may need your rollerblades!

Have a great day! ❤ j



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