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I’m Baaack My Little Internet Lovelies!!!

29 Aug

I have been as sick as a person could be for the past week and a half…but let’s not focus on that – let’s focus on this amaza-cute video I found on StumbleUpon!  Right now there are only 264 views of this so so cute & smartly done video… I can’t imagine why, EVERYBODY should watch it.  I will be bookmarking this little piece of heaven and make sure to pull it up on rainy days or snowy days or blah days or even windy days 😉

Oh, and by the way, this video is set in Namibia.  You may remember Namibia as the place where Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born, but I always think of envelopes that I have.

Namibia First Day Cover in bright pink, also in blue and chartreuse!

I have a beautiful book of United Nations First Day Covers that I had gotten a long time ago when I worked for the Federal Reserve Bank.  The artwork is very impressive on mine, created in the mid-1970’s (like me) I would expect nothing less!

In conclusion, my lovelies, please make today a great day… or else I will find you and make it great for you!!! ❤ j

Yayoi Kusama

10 Aug

Yayoi Kusama.

We have to just start with the video….watch it now.  I’ll wait…. Okay, by now you have already Googled her and saw the cra-mazing work she has done!  I didn’t know about her until I saw the Louis Vuitton collaboration with her.

Courtesy MOMA

Courtesy HufPo

El Anatsui art madness!

5 Aug

I am so excited to tell you about where I went today and who I went with!  I had the honor of driving my mother to the Akron Art Museum to check out the El Anatsui installation.  Please visit and watch the video to view see how his art is made.  The pieces are amazing!

I have an awesome Mom and we had a great day!  I hope that you do too!!!  ❤ j

Every Master Was Once a Disaster

5 Aug

That quote is from TKAL and could be applied to any one of us during our lives.  I was reminded of this quote while watching Sun Yang swim tonight!  This guy is so good at what he does that people insisted that he was taking drugs/doping to get there…once over that hurdle, he accidentally fell into the water just before the start of his big race…but don’t worry!  He demolished his old world record time and won gold!

Have you ever had a time when people doubted you or your ability to do something?  I think that we have all had that challenge come up in our lives.  It’s how we handle it and come back from it that matters 🙂  Every Master was once a disaster…. this quote is great because it reminds us to take a step back and that everything isn’t going to go perfectly but it’s okay…because even a Master has been in the same place 🙂  Hopefully the next time we encounter that fork in the road, we can remember Sun…

Sun Yang wins GOLD! Remember this face when you encounter adversity 🙂