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Incredibly Loud and Awesomely Pretty!

30 Aug

Have you heard of Mary Katrantzou?  Well, now you have.  Ha!  Seriously, this lady has made some wonderful dresses.  I love love love them!  The good news is that if you had an entire wardrobe of her creations, you would only really need one pair of nude heels to wear with everything 🙂

simple, gorgeous.






unicorns? yes, please!

soft & warm blue hugs!!!



I know that I shouldn’t, but I have decided to get this dress and wear it every single day for the rest of my life.

appropriate for all occasions!

Be prepared family & friends…no matter the occasion, I will soon only be wearing this dress 🙂

Until then, look great today my friends! ❤ j





Yayoi Kusama

10 Aug

Yayoi Kusama.

We have to just start with the video….watch it now.  I’ll wait…. Okay, by now you have already Googled her and saw the cra-mazing work she has done!  I didn’t know about her until I saw the Louis Vuitton collaboration with her.

Courtesy MOMA

Courtesy HufPo