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30 Aug

You got me.  I made a couple minor huge changes 🙂  I got some feedback about the site and decided to do some late summer cleaning!  Please let me know what you think as laminunat continues it great metamorphosis!!  ❤ j



What to do……what to do?

31 Jul

Ok, so I have chopped off all of my fancy long fingernails to start my Olympic inspired manicure…TKD really requires a shorter nail anyway 😦 but, as I was thinking of some golden-ideas (corny, I know!) I wanted to include everything in a single place where I can geek-out to the Olympics.  Soooo, now we have the Stick It! page 🙂 yay!

I hope you enjoy the new page as we roll through the rest of the Olympics!!!!

Be great today! -j