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Wedding deco idea…

12 Sep

I stopped at a fabric store and spotted a few Martha Stewart crafts…and fell in love!  I am going to do an afterparty at our house and I am def using POM POMS!!!


Camelia Skikos

8 Sep

Camelia Skikos Fall/Winter 2012/13

I want one of each!

Trying to figure it out!

6 Sep

I have readers for my WP blog and my blog, but haven’t figured out exactly how to merge them… I don’t want to commit blog-murder and have to leave one for the other!  Please bear with me as I figure it all out.  That may explain the 50-something posts in one day here!!! 


I am updating them separately until I can merge them, if I can 🙂  wish me luck!

❤ j

Get OK!

5 Sep

We all need this at some point!

go ahead, push it.

❤ j

Urban Decay Adrenaline Review!

3 Sep

We stopped by Ulta to get a facial (which is half price  until 9/22) and guess what I found?  My new favorite item from Urban Decay!!!  It’s a lipstick in “chubby pencil” form 🙂  the color is called Adrenaline.  I never.  ever.  ever.  wear lipstick… now I do.

hot off the runway, onto your face!

The color is SUPERSATURATED and initially I was kinda reluctant to wear it since it is a bit glittery.  But, once on it is a wonderful color and even will last through meals.  I top mine with a bit of Midnight Cowboy gloss to give it a bit more sheen, but you really don’t need it.  I just really love Midnight Cowboy!

should be Midnight Cowgirl…

Here is the rasp-glittered deliciousness….

Yay, lipstick!

I don’t think that they raspberry-ness came out fully, this is a very bright color.  When Urban Decay says it is super saturated… um, it ain’t no joke.

le swatch.

Right now there is even a freebie at Ulta if you purchase enough Urban Decay products…I am kind of a fan of theirs 😉  so that shouldn’t be too hard.  I am trying some new things out for the wedding and with Stefan’s stamp of approval, I think that we will be seeing much more Adrenaline in our household!


Be great & look great today! ❤ j


PS – I also picked up some falsies (lashes!) while there…I will update you as soon as I work up the courage to put them on 😉


Easy Foods

1 Sep

I found this link on StumbleUpon, I am definitely going to try some of these ideas asap!

Watermelon also tastes grrreat in caprese salad! 🙂

It’s off to see the Cleveland Indians (hopefully) win a game!  It’s going to be a great night for us, I hope it is for you too!!! ❤ j