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Urban Decay Adrenaline Review!

3 Sep

We stopped by Ulta to get a facial (which is half price  until 9/22) and guess what I found?  My new favorite item from Urban Decay!!!  It’s a lipstick in “chubby pencil” form 🙂  the color is called Adrenaline.  I never.  ever.  ever.  wear lipstick… now I do.

hot off the runway, onto your face!

The color is SUPERSATURATED and initially I was kinda reluctant to wear it since it is a bit glittery.  But, once on it is a wonderful color and even will last through meals.  I top mine with a bit of Midnight Cowboy gloss to give it a bit more sheen, but you really don’t need it.  I just really love Midnight Cowboy!

should be Midnight Cowgirl…

Here is the rasp-glittered deliciousness….

Yay, lipstick!

I don’t think that they raspberry-ness came out fully, this is a very bright color.  When Urban Decay says it is super saturated… um, it ain’t no joke.

le swatch.

Right now there is even a freebie at Ulta if you purchase enough Urban Decay products…I am kind of a fan of theirs 😉  so that shouldn’t be too hard.  I am trying some new things out for the wedding and with Stefan’s stamp of approval, I think that we will be seeing much more Adrenaline in our household!


Be great & look great today! ❤ j


PS – I also picked up some falsies (lashes!) while there…I will update you as soon as I work up the courage to put them on 😉



I love pate’ and I love Detroit…

8 Aug

So it only stands to reason that I would love Giovanni’s lobster pate!  I have so much going on right now trying to figure out wedding invitations…decorations…honeymoon…training a puppy…Olypmic Fever… all while getting my butt kicked at TKD by Grand Master Ryu.  I am too tired to even put an exclamation mark at the end of that sentence…hold on while I take a nap…..

OK, I’m back!!!  I am treating myself to a mini lunch of Giovanni’s lobster pate’ and it is deeelish.  I decided to look them up and found that this uber fancy nibbly treat originally came from Detroit.  I don’t normally pair Detroit with DeLish, but I will now 🙂  I got this tiny tin of goodness at World Market and I suggest you do the same.  It packs such a powerful punch of lobster taste that a little on each cracker-bite will make your day better.  I promise.  They have a full line of other products & pate’s as well, which I also have, but I love lobster the best!

I love the pate’ but also love the colorful graphics, too!!!

Make it a great day ❤ j

Fashionably scented.

7 Aug

Stefan came home yesterday after a long trip to Quebec!  And he brought French-Canadian gifts as well, YAY!  Somehow, without knowing, he bought a version of a fave perfume – Forbidden Euphoria!  I love Euphoria and this is just as big of a hit 🙂

Inspired by Stefan and his gift-giving-traveling ways, I am including a fun video from LV highlighting a few London must see places.  The English Gentleman’s City Guide is kinda brilliant no matter what side of the pond you are on!

PS – I found this video through!  Moe has a great blog and great style, thank you!!!



El Anatsui art madness!

5 Aug

I am so excited to tell you about where I went today and who I went with!  I had the honor of driving my mother to the Akron Art Museum to check out the El Anatsui installation.  Please visit and watch the video to view see how his art is made.  The pieces are amazing!

I have an awesome Mom and we had a great day!  I hope that you do too!!!  ❤ j

Every Master Was Once a Disaster

5 Aug

That quote is from TKAL and could be applied to any one of us during our lives.  I was reminded of this quote while watching Sun Yang swim tonight!  This guy is so good at what he does that people insisted that he was taking drugs/doping to get there…once over that hurdle, he accidentally fell into the water just before the start of his big race…but don’t worry!  He demolished his old world record time and won gold!

Have you ever had a time when people doubted you or your ability to do something?  I think that we have all had that challenge come up in our lives.  It’s how we handle it and come back from it that matters 🙂  Every Master was once a disaster…. this quote is great because it reminds us to take a step back and that everything isn’t going to go perfectly but it’s okay…because even a Master has been in the same place 🙂  Hopefully the next time we encounter that fork in the road, we can remember Sun…

Sun Yang wins GOLD! Remember this face when you encounter adversity 🙂